A Round Up of the Week

There’s been a couple of exciting goings-on this week, and as next week is already going to be a busy one on the blog (stay tuned!) I’m going to do a quick news bulletin of the headlines.

Video Production Workshop

Yesterday my colleague and I went to a video production workshop, run by Adam Perry from the Media Trust. We’re hoping to produce some videos for the Help For Hedgehogs Campaign and the Media Trust’s Do #SomethingBrilliant project is a fantastic resource. It’s a Big Lottery funded project providing free support to 3rd sector organisations to get them making videos. Essentially a celebration of all the incredible work done by charities across Great Britain. We’ve created videos before, like our badger vaccination one, but myself and my colleague Ben are relative newbies. So off to training we went…

Suffice to say that you come out of a day practising being interviewed on camera with a newfound respect for people who do it for a living, along with a newfound understanding of how much rubbish it’s possible to talk in 30 seconds. We based our little interview around the importance of getting kids outside, and I found myself stuck for the entire day on the phrases “pond dipping” and “minibeast hunting”. It was like they’d flown into my brain and then superglued themselves there; so that when a camera was stuck in front of my face and that strange flash of nerves made everything else fly out, they were the only things left. The editing process made this only more painfully obvious, to the point where we named our video “working with young people outside… and other pond dipping related activities”. However, despite all the looking daft, we had a blast and learned a huge amount, so keep an eye out for when I announce new hedgehog videos on Youtube.

Incidentally, everyone can get involved in Do #SomethingBrilliant by sharing their Little Brilliant Things. Take a look on the website for more info.

Bee rescue

Earlier in the week a colleague of mine found that a bee had got caught in his light fitting (it’s one of those big long ones with the plastic outer casing). So we launched a bee rescue, taking down the plastic casing and shooting off to mix some sugar and water together to lure the bee onto a saucer. It worked beautifully, and watching his little tongue come out to lap up the sugar water was fantastic. By the time we’d saved him it was drizzling with rain, so he wasn’t exactly keen to leave, but we left the saucer for a little shelter and as far as we know he’s lived to buzz into light fittings another day.

Apologies for the lack of photo – a small technical malfunction on my part, oops.

And finally: the caterpillars

So anyone who follows us on Twitter or Facebook may already know that we’re nurturing Emperor Moth caterpillars in the office. I’ll be posting regular updates here as well, and they’re getting really quite big now. Watching them eat is seriously impressive, it’s a bit like Man vs Food for caterpillars. And believe me, they’re winning.

Image copyright Emma Richmond (WWT)
Image copyright Emma Richmond (WWT)



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