National Volunteers’ Week 2014 – Gill Crantock, Education Volunteer

National Volunteers’ Week is a celebration of the incredible work done by volunteers across the country, and so throughout the week we’ll be posting profiles of just some of our incredible volunteers. 

Gill describes volunteering with the Education Team as “a posh title for having fun:”

Gill Crantock“Kids and wildlife. I like both. So taking parties of schoolchildren round the reserve seemed tailor made for me, and so it proved to be.

As the children arrive I hear them chattering happily as they walk down to the classroom. For them, this is a day out and they intend to enjoy themselves. Their enthusiasm is infectious and I can share their excitement when they fish something weird out of the pond. It’s a magical moment when they experience something for the first time. Young children love the binoculars and are thrilled when they actually see a grebe building its nest or focus on a heron standing motionless at the water’s edge.

Teenagers don’t always consider Brandon Marsh a cool place to be and can be quite resistant at first. I love to see them gradually engage with the activities as they make discoveries of their own. Some of them have to try hard to hide their enthusiasm. One of my best moments was when a 14 year old lad, who arrived with a very negative attitude, left at the end of the afternoon with the words, “It’s brilliant. I never knew there was all that stuff out there”.

Kids and wildlife. A perfect combination.”

To read more volunteer profiles, visit the volunteer pages of our website.



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