Swallow chick fledging

Regular visitors to Brandon Marsh Nature Centre will know that there is a family of Swallows that nest in the eaves outside the Visitors’ Centre each year. If you haven’t seen them before then take a look above your head as you walk out of the door by the cafe, just before you walk down the ramp and into the picnic area. We’ve had one chick this year, and a couple of days ago it fledged. We noticed it when the parents took to dive-bombing magpies for fun about a week ago – obviously trying to clear the area before the chick went out into the world. I wouldn’t say the chick was too thrilled at the thought of having to fly for itself; it much preferred the idea of chirping a lot for the food to be home delivered. But with a fair amount of persistence the parents managed to encourage it to fly…

Apologies for the loud clicking in the background by the way – that’s me getting snap happy with a normal camera! We have some other great footage from our camera traps at reserves on our website. If you’d like to see them then follow this link. The page is updated with new ones as often as we can.

Stay tuned for the next post (it’s about wildflowers).



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