Mud pies and leaf kebabs: diary of a Nature Tots mum

A lovely  post from Donna, one the many parents who brings her son to Nature Tots, our regular session for 2-4 year olds:

On a Friday morning after the school run I get home with Harry and ask him if he wants to start getting ready for Nature Tots. “Yayyy!” is normally his response, with a grin and a little jig too!

My son Harry is 2 ½ now & we have been coming to Nature Tots for quite a while. Harry is always keen to go and doesn’t mind getting out whatever the weather. As a family we like to get outdoors as much as possible anyway and enjoy exploring local woodlands and nature reserves at the weekends, so Nature Tots is a great addition to help pass on our love of nature and the environment to our sons. Nature Tots is a great opportunity to get the little ones outside and interacting with nature in a fun and relaxed way. It’s also an opportunity to meet other like-minded parents and carers who have a similar love for nature and hope to pass this on to their children.

Harry 2

The sessions are always fun and well delivered in a way that captivates the children’s imagination. From fairy potions to mini-beast hunting and den building, Nature Tots offers a great variety of activities that allow the children to explore nature in different ways, and introduces fun ways to help the children learn something new each week.

Harry loves to explore outside and is happy to get grubby! Mud pies, stick art & leaf kebabs are the kind of things that enable him to experience different textures and  various items within nature and see them in a different way. The children get to use various tools they may not have experienced before; trowels, bug pots & brushes and various craft items too. All these activities help to develop Harry’s motor skills and build his confidence.

Harry 1

I asked Harry if he enjoys Nature Tots. His response: “Yes!”. What do you like about Nature Tots I ask. “I like seeing my friends. I like going into the woods. Oooo, we see a froggy with Jess. Froggy was nice. And a water boatman, he fast.”

I asked Harry about the games we play. “Katie shouts 1, 2, 3 where are you? And I shout 1, 3 o’ here! Katie found us mummy! That fun!”

I think it’s safe to assume we both enjoy Nature Tots as much as each other!

With the summer holidays upon us, big kids and small are going to be joining in the fun with our wild summer of holiday activities. Maybe you and your family will be joining us?


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