A #Christmas blog post…. #wildwinterdays

Merry Christmas everyone! In between rocking around the Christmas tree, cooking Christmas lunch and eating mince pies, we thought we'd share a Christmas post with you. When I was asking around the office for what I should write about it's fair to say that I got some quite ordinary suggestions (after all, what's more wildlife-related… Continue reading A #Christmas blog post…. #wildwinterdays


What’s lurking beneath the leaves?

Take a look at the photo above, what do you think is living in this pile of leaves and bramble? This photo was taken by Simon Phelps, our Your Wild Life project officer, in Yorks Wood, part of Babbs Mill park in North Solihull. Simon was working in the woodland with his volunteer group, who… Continue reading What’s lurking beneath the leaves?

Wildlife photography: A beginner’s guide…

Tom, who wrote for us previously about wildlife photography, has returned to the theme with a beginner's guide to getting to grips with the settings on DSLR cameras. For all you amateur photographers out there, we hope this is helpful. On the subject of photography, we're running a photography competition from now until May next… Continue reading Wildlife photography: A beginner’s guide…