All our lives are better when they’re a bit wild #MyWildLife

The beautiful thing about nature is that it inspires different thoughts and feelings in every single one of us. We’re celebrating exactly that, and asking you to go on a journey of curiosity, discovery, reflection and celebration by launching My Wild Life. It’s a national campaign by The Wildlife Trusts asking all of us to reflect on what is so special to us about nature. Whether you’re in the middle of the city or in the most remote field, we can all find ways to connect with the wildlife around us.

So go out and Find your Wild Life!

Our Jungle - SM

Elliot and Alice love to explore the woods. They run away from wolves and dragons, and sometimes they even find a baby dragon that will sit still in their hands and play with them!

Our DIY - SM

Phil is just one of the many dedicated Nature Force volunteers at Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, and Alexis is our Reserves Volunteering Officer. Whilst working on nature reserves they can do a bit of home improvement for the wildlife all around them.

My Project - SM

Craig is a volunteer for the Your Wild Life Project in Solihull (you’ll have read about him on this blog before). Giving up nearly 150 hours of his time, Craig has been instrumental in creating Bluebell Community Gardens; a garden that is as amazing for wildlife as it is for the local community. This year Craig won 3rd place in the Garden Volunteer of the Year category of the Great British Growing Awards, and will receive his award later this month.

My Classroom - SM

Jessie is the Education Trainee here at Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, and loves to see the children grow and develop as they experience wildlife and the natural world. You can read more from Jessie here.

Our Warwickshire

See many more Wild Lives and share your own at Follow the campaign and tell us more about how you connect with nature using #MyWildLife!


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