#30DaysWild: adventures of two work experience students part 3

From mid-February to mid-March 2015, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust’s Marketing Team had two work experience students join us from the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy in Coventry: Rosa and Roxy. Their month with us seemed like the ideal time to do a trial run of 30 Days Wild, especially as they wouldn’t have really described themselves as connected to nature at the beginning of the month. However, they were very up for a new challenge and got straight into the spirit of 30 Days Wild. Over three nights we are posting some of the highlights from their month, and we’ve also uploaded some videos of their adventures to our Youtube channel.

Rosa and Roxy - copyright Matt Cox (WWT) 2015
Rosa and Roxy – copyright Matt Cox (WWT) 2015

Just being outside can make work so much better! – by Rosa Gurnett and Roxy Paje

After spending many afternoons working in the office we decided to mix up the graveyard shift and go wild by doing our work outside. Obviously this should only be done on dry days when using laptops, which luckily today was! We fell in love with the meadows yesterday, so decided to delve further into this picturesque landscape. Notepads and heavy laptops in hands we eventually found the perfect spot, just on the outskirts of Brandon Marsh’s nature reserve with stunning views and empty space.

Meadow at Brandon Marsh - copyright Rosa Gurnett 2015
Meadow at Brandon Marsh – copyright Rosa Gurnett 2015

Once we had taken in the beautiful scene it was time to get down to work. We found that being out in the open freed our ideas and made us far more creative. Nature provided us with inspiration and natural metaphors for success.

It’s been nearly a week since we started 30 Days Wild and there have been some surprising discoveries:

Rosa: Starting out on 30 Days Wild I must admit that I wasn’t overjoyed about the thought of braving outside in the rain and cold weather England is so famous for. However, I was ready for the challenge and excited to see if it made me feel any different. Here on Day 6, I enthusiastically asked Roxy how we should spend our time outside, and I was honestly looking forward to our adventure. The sun paired with the setting did increase my desire to go wild, but even on a grey day I can imagine myself craving a fresh air high. Sitting in the meadow working was pure enjoyment and I could have stayed there all afternoon, which is something I doubt I’d have said 6 days ago.

Rosa working in the outdoors - copyright Roxy Paje 2015
Rosa working in the outdoors – copyright Roxy Paje 2015

In addition to my new found love of spending quality time in nature, I feel better mentally and physically. Firstly my skin is brighter and softer and feels generally less clogged up. I am more physically fit, due to the exercise element of heading outside every day. My mind is less cloudy and I have a happier outlook on the day. The best way to describe how I feel after the first few days of the challenge would be ‘fresher’.

Has your 30 Days Wild made you feel the same as Rosa? Let us know how you’ve been going wild using #30DaysWild on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Enjoy your wild weekend!


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