Summer Fun for all the Family – how to keep the kids entertained all summer long…

It’s nearly time for the summer holidays: 6 wonderfully sunny weeks with the children, playing nicely together, sharing new toys, helping out with the housework and never singing “Let It Go” or “Everything is Awesome” over and over and over. A delightful camping holiday where the children calmly decide who is sleeping where and never nag for any extras, and of course the much anticipated shopping trip for the new school uniform, where children don’t moan as they’re trying clothes on, and still like the shoes THEY picked a week later… YEAH RIGHT!

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably either optimistically vowed to cram so much into your summer that it will be the best ever, or you’re panicking. Whatever your plans are, we have some awesome boredom busting ideas at Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, and even better, the fresh air will tire the little ones out so they’ll be sound asleep by 8pm (well hopefully). With over 400 daylight hours in August we want children and parents to embrace the outdoors and add a little excitement to their holidays.

My Discovery - SM

Firstly you could come along to one of our 60 minute marvels including Den Building, Minibeast Hunting and Pond Dipping. These short sessions keep children fully engaged for the duration, having fun with friends and learning lots without even knowing. When we take holiday groups Den Building we walk every into the woods and get them to imagine that they’re stranded and they must survive the night. With a little help and guidance we soon have 20 children building some fantastic waterproof shelters, camouflaged for extra protection. Our Minibeast sessions take place in our very own Minibeast havens, searching through the piles of dead logs and leaves for slugs and snails, spiders and centipedes. Children can use our sweep nets and bug pots to collect creatures and get a real close encounter with our magnifying glasses. If you need more stimulation for your child’s brain then come along to our pond dipping sessions, an exclusive session run by our Education Officers at Brandon Marsh Nature Centre, Coventry and The Parkridge Centre, Solihull. Kneel down on the platforms and dip a net into the deep water to see what creatures live below, then explore the bowls to see what everyone else on the session has found.

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For the artistically minded, we run Crafty Days. We have a selection of things that you can make, some practical, some gluey, some glittery and some artistic. You could make a bird feeder or a pirate ship, and if you want to visit lots over the summer, we make sure that there’s a different selection of things to make every week!

If you want to achieve something this summer, to take into school, brownies or beavers, then Wildlife Watch is for you! Our junior membership of Warwickshire Wildlife Trust has a brand new club, meeting every week in the school holidays to earn Hedgehog Award stickers. Come along to our sessions and complete wildlife tasks, from natural collages to building a bee home, and when you’ve collected 8 stickers you’ll be awarded with your very own Hedgehog Award Certificate and Sew on Badge!

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Last but not least, we run Nature Workshops throughout the summer. Our Workshops run from 10:30 till 12 noon weekly, with one session for the over 4’s and one for toddlers up to the age of 4. Workshops include Fairies and Fantasy for tots, Brilliant Badgers and their Friends, Butterfly Detectives, Froggy Friends and Nifty Newts for tots and much more. Sessions incorporate WildPlay, meadow games (with cleverly disguised curriculum links), fun activities such as wildlife home building, minibeast hunting and more. Finally you will do an indoor craft to take away with you.

So holidays don’t need to be boring, and you don’t need to put loads of money and resources into keeping the kids busy. Filling the holidays with outdoor activities can be fun and educational. So visit our website for more details and find Your Wild Life with us this summer!

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