My new frosty running buddy. He didn't stick around for long!
My new frosty running buddy. He didn’t stick around for long!

Welcome to the regular blog post following my preparation  for the Virgin Money London Marathon 2016 on April 24th.  I’m a seasoned half marathon runner but the 26.2 miles have always eluded me; however now it is time to up the distance (before I get too old and my knees fail)!  The cause is important – to save the Wild Child and I am raising money which will allow the Trust’s Education Team deliver outreach sessions to a children’s centre in Coventry bringing children and their families closer to nature, creating lifelong memories while improving their health and wellbeing. 

So it has been an interesting and achy two weeks since my last post.  Things I have learnt (the hard way) when training for a marathon: 1. This is serious, its a serious distance of course but running four times a week takes its toll on your body and quickly. 2. It’s really worthwhile investing in a medieval torture device to use on ligaments and muscles on days when you are not running just to remind you that you are training for a marathon and that your body really enjoys pain (see pic below). 3. Your mind will give up before your body will and you can convince yourself pain is weakness leaving the body. 4. Running in snow and ice is in no way a motivator/ fun/ safe.

The medieval torture device you roll on for tenderising muscles and ligaments – it looks painful, and is.

Since I started the training programme proper, with the help of my super-duper-techno-whizz-GPS watch I can tell you that I have run a cumulative 75.51 miles, which has taken me 10:27:34 hours and in doing so have burned 9,535 calories up to the end of week four.  I will be astounded what the statistics will be when I have finished but perhaps my knees wont.

However, with all that in mind I have oddly enjoyed it and have never felt fitter. Highlights have been running the measured mile route along Ashlawn Cutting Nature Reserve and also going off road on the snow to avoid slipping over and coming to a grizzly end or injury.  It has also made prominent the reason for why I am doing all this training, in that being outdoors and connecting with nature is valuable, enjoyable and essential to us all.  The (very) fresh air and the signs of winter have been great to explore and see.

By the time Weeks Five and Six are complete I will have reached a different sort of milestone – my 36th birthday.  Perhaps I should give myself the day off or will I buy another torture device?  Find out in a fortnight……

To keep my motivation up, I would really appreciate your support.  It will help me focus and keep me plodding the streets knowing all my effort will make a real difference.  You can donate here and see how my fundraising effort is going so far!  Thank you!


You can read the previous instalment of Karl’s marathon blog here


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