Energy gels and other supplements to keep you going and going and going….

Welcome to the regular blog post following my preparation  for the Virgin Money London Marathon 2016 on April 24th.  I’m a seasoned half marathon runner but the 26.2 miles have always eluded me; however now it is time to up the distance (before I get too old and my knees fail)!  The cause is important – to save the Wild Child and I am raising money which will allow the Trust’s Education Team deliver outreach sessions to a children’s centre in Coventry bringing children and their families closer to nature, creating lifelong memories while improving their health and wellbeing.

33 days to go!  The last month is nearly upon me and I am well into the long runs.  So far a 15, 18 and 20 miler under the belt and it feels good.  As pictured above, my long runs are being supplemented with energy gels whilst running and protein bars for post recovery. Imagine running and trying to swallow something that tastes like liquid jelly baby and has the consistency of warm part set jelly – nice.  They are not too bad in fact and they certainly help.  I was really sceptical of these and their impact and had never used them before but boy do they help when you hit 15 miles plus.  The ones with caffeine help too, not just for the buzz but with the absorption of the carbohydrates.  Anyway, enough of the science.


The 18 miler!

I’ve managed a good fortnight of long and short runs and have a week away now for Easter where I can focus on getting fitter and recovering quicker after long distances.  The added benefit of all this running is that I can eat as many chocolate eggs as I like and I know I will burn it off.

As I head into the final straight or rather to the start line, I am looking at really ramping up the cause of my run and hope to get some good media and PR coverage in the coming weeks.  What I am also planning is going to visit the Children’s Centre who will be the beneficiary of the fundraising and meeting some of the children and families who will take part in our outreach sessions, reconnecting them with nature.  This I am really looking forward too and will have some better photos for the blog in a few weeks as the event nears.

Have a good Easter all and see you on the other side of a 22 miler in a fortnight!

To keep my motivation up, I would really appreciate your support.  It will help me focus and keep me plodding the streets knowing all my effort will make a real difference.  You can donate here and see how my fundraising effort is going so far!  Thank you!


You can read the previous instalment of Karl’s marathon blog here


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