Children and Parents at Tile Hill Community Childrens Centre
Children and Parents at Tile Hill Community Childrens Centre

Welcome to the regular blog post following my preparation  for the Virgin Money London Marathon 2016 on April 24th.  I’m a seasoned half marathon runner but the 26.2 miles have always eluded me; however now it is time to up the distance (before I get too old and my knees fail)!  The cause is important – to save the Wild Child and I am raising money which will allow the Trust’s Education Team deliver outreach sessions to a children’s centre in Coventry bringing children and their families closer to nature, creating lifelong memories while improving their health and wellbeing.

The blogs are coming thick and fast now we are heading into the last couple of weeks – only 12 days to go and I am well into the “taper” as its called.  Basically where you lower the distance and intensity, to ensure you arrive at the start line and fighting fit.  I’m some way pleased as the distance training, with my longest gruelling run being 22 miles, is something that takes its toll and would be hard to sustain so I’m certainly over one bump with just the big day to complete.

Talking of being full of energy, I had the privilege to attend a session at Tile Hill’s Children’s Centre where the group utilise the nearby wood for a lovely sunny morning of outdoor fun and games.  It was fantastic to see the happy faces, smiling and giggling as cares were cast aside with the children getting muddy, climbing logs and exploring nature.  It was real proof that these sessions are absolutely vital for the development, health and wellbeing of the children taking part and was of course good fun too!

Having the opportunity to run the London marathon and raise money to continue these opportunities are vital so if you haven’t donated so far, take a look at the smiling faces in the picture and realise you could be making sure there are lots more smiles in the future.  Engaging children outdoors is essential not only for their benefit but if they grow to love all things wild, they are going to look after and fight for it when we no longer can.  So make that investment in the future!

Children and Parents at Tile Hill Community Childrens Centre
Children and Parents at Tile Hill Community Childrens Centre

To keep my motivation up, I would really appreciate your support.  It will help me focus and keep me plodding the streets knowing all my effort will make a real difference.  You can donate here and see how my fundraising effort is going so far!  Thank you!


You can read the previous instalment of Karl’s marathon blog here


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