What are they!?  It’s my poorly knees receiving some heat treatment – injury strikes!

Welcome to the regular blog post following my preparation  for the Virgin Money London Marathon 2016 on April 24th.  I’m a seasoned half marathon runner but the 26.2 miles have always eluded me; however now it is time to up the distance (before I get too old and my knees fail)!  The cause is important – to save the Wild Child and I am raising money which will allow the Trust’s Education Team deliver outreach sessions to a children’s centre in Coventry bringing children and their families closer to nature, creating lifelong memories while improving their health and wellbeing.

This is it!  The final week and only in a few days time I will be plodding the streets of London in my effort to save the Wild Child.  However, at the end of last week I nearly didn’t think that would be the case as disaster struck in the form of “runners knee”.  This scare was bought on by a bit of off road training, ironically suggested in the training guide to lessen the impact of hard road running. But whilst I have been confident and injury free all the way up to this point, I thought my marathon dreams had turned to dust and felt more than depressed at the thought of all that training going to waste.  Thankfully several ibuprofen, 5 litres of deep heat and twice daily applied ice packs/hot water bottles later, I am on the mend and should make it to the start line.  They are still a bit sore so I’m off running  until the big day and I’ve done all I can now, so lets hope the knees hold out until mile 26 rather than mile 6!  I was confident that I could do it in under 4 hours but my focus is now getting around.  It goes to prove that you can be meticulous in preparing for these big events but one small twist or turn can throw things very much off course.

On the positive, so far I have raised over £1000 with the generous support of friends, colleagues and really kind people I don’t know but who have recognised my effort and are supporting the campaign – Thank you to you.  For every £100 raised means another session, another opportunity for children to engage with nature, can happen so please support me if you can.

If you fancy tracking my progress, you can do this via the link below and track my progress live, so if you have got nothing better to do for four hours on Sunday do tune in!

I will let you all know how I get on in one final post after the race so as they say, see you on the other side and wish me luck!

To keep my motivation up, I would really appreciate your support.  It will help me focus and keep me plodding the streets knowing all my effort will make a real difference.  You can donate here and see how my fundraising effort is going so far!  Thank you!


You can read the previous instalment of Karl’s marathon blog here


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