30 Days Wild is over… Now it’s time to #StayWild

As 30 Days Wild comes to a close I’m taking a look back at all the Random Acts of Wildness I’ve committed. I’ve done everything from making a hedgehog inspired cake, to creating mud trolls and my favourite was spotting a grass snake! I spotted the snake as I was leaving work, I emergency stopped… Continue reading 30 Days Wild is over… Now it’s time to #StayWild


#30DaysWild coming to an end!

The biggest challenge during my time with Warwickshire Wildlife Trust will be organising the photo library! There are thousands and thousands of photographs stored in many folders that have been taken by staff and volunteers day in, day out! Do I sort by date? Month? Location? Event? Species? Reserves? Fundraising? Projects? The list can go… Continue reading #30DaysWild coming to an end!

Make a pledge!

My second week at the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust has been just as eventful as my first. At the beginning of the week I was scheduling posts for Facebook and Twitter for the #30DaysWild campaign. The Wildlife Trust is pledging #30DaysWild! This is where the public engage in a random act of wildness every day of… Continue reading Make a pledge!

The things staff get up to!

I have to admit, my first week at Warwickshire Wildlife Trust was very eventful! On my second day of being here as a Marketing & Social Media volunteer, I participated on a staff day. It was a day for the staff to get an insight of how the Education Team interact with the children. It… Continue reading The things staff get up to!

Every child needs to find their wild side #30DaysWild

I feel very lucky that as a child I was encouraged to play outside by my parents, no matter what the weather. I’ve had those times where I got so engrossed in trying to catch a stickleback fish, I got my brand new shoes so wet and muddy they were unsalvageable. I can’t say my… Continue reading Every child needs to find their wild side #30DaysWild

The grown-ups go on a school trip!

A week into #30DaysWild and I’ve gazed at the clouds, knitted outdoors in the garden instead of sitting in front of the TV and so much more. But my favourite Random Act of Wildness so far was taking all my colleagues on an imaginary school trip, to our flagship nature reserve, Brandon Marsh. Everyone from the… Continue reading The grown-ups go on a school trip!

Go wild on wheels: My #30DaysWild Challenge

During June we’ve been challenged to do one wild thing each day! Working as an Education Officer with Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, means I’m very lucky and most days can be found outside hunting for mini beasts or taking our toddler group out to play on our reserves. But this June started with me facing up… Continue reading Go wild on wheels: My #30DaysWild Challenge