The grown-ups go on a school trip!

A week into #30DaysWild and I’ve gazed at the clouds, knitted outdoors in the garden instead of sitting in front of the TV and so much more. But my favourite Random Act of Wildness so far was taking all my colleagues on an imaginary school trip, to our flagship nature reserve, Brandon Marsh. Everyone from the admin team to our habitat surveyors turned up to our classroom, with a packed lunch in hand, ready to go outdoors and go wild. Hopefully to have lots of fun and to see what a day is like for the school children who visit us daily.

Staff group photo away day Jun 2016

On the day everyone tried our Map the Marsh session; using compasses and solving clues to help them navigate around the reserve. We even tested their knowledge of OS map symbols in our symbol sorter games. They all became busy bees in our flowers and bees session and it was pretty hilarious to see everyone running around buzzing, trying to collect as much fake nectar as possible.

We asked for volunteers and our CEO, Ed stepped forward…. So we dressed him up as a fluffy rabbit to show their adaptions! We even got everyone hopping in our rabbit survival game, trying to outrun the cunning foxes.

By far my favourite activity was den building in our woods. I love helping children build their dens and hearing all their wonderful ideas, creating gardens outside and tiny kitchens inside. But of course with adults it always gets really competitive, I had imaginative roofs which helped collect water, great camouflage and even friendly welcome mats.

I hope all our staff enjoyed coming out and took part in what we, the education team, do on a daily basis. I really loved getting everyone out and going wild with them, it was so good seeing everyone getting really into the wildlife games and activities. When the day ended I left feeling like I was on a bit of a high, being outdoors all day and having so much fun with everyone too. I think tomorrow for my Random Act of Wildness I need to have a snooze in the garden…

Katie T, Education Officer

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