The things staff get up to!

I have to admit, my first week at Warwickshire Wildlife Trust was very eventful!

On my second day of being here as a Marketing & Social Media volunteer, I participated on a staff day. It was a day for the staff to get an insight of how the Education Team interact with the children. It was a fun packed day which involved activities such as den building, and learning about rabbits, flowers and bees. It was a great opportunity for me to meet the people who work for the trust, and I have to admit I have never met such a friendly bunch!

Den building

I witnessed the CEO dressing up as a rabbit in the scorching heat and senior members pretending to be flowers. It went to show that no matter how old you are or what your background is, you can still behave like children and enjoy yourself.

The following day, as I was waiting for my username to be set up, I took the opportunity to explore the reserve and take photographs of what I felt would be useful for the 30 Days Wild campaign. I was slightly overwhelmed at the fact that considering it was my second day in the office, I was trusted to schedule posts on Facebook and Twitter for the campaign.


I thoroughly enjoyed my first week at Warwickshire Wildlife Trust and I am looking forward to the exciting events and experiences I will be getting involved with.

Nav Bansal, Marketing & Social Media Volunteer


Want to find out more?

Read one of our Education Officer’s blog on the day!


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