Make a pledge!

My second week at the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust has been just as eventful as my first. At the beginning of the week I was scheduling posts for Facebook and Twitter for the #30DaysWild campaign.

The Wildlife Trust is pledging #30DaysWild! This is where the public engage in a random act of wildness every day of June.  Everyone stays more connected to nature by doing something WILD!


It is fair to say that by volunteering for the trust and working right next to the reserve, I am definitely taking part in this challenge!

I took a walk in the reserve and captured beautiful pictures of a butterfly and the lake. The scenery was amazing and I would never have thought I’d capture images like this.

I helped the trust with the Wild Life Discovery Day event which took place on Saturday 18th June 2016. As I have been working on the 30 Days Wild campaign, it made sense for me to help Matt, Youth Engagement Officer, on the #30DaysWild pledge.

My task for the day was to help set up the tent and to assist adults and children using the hand-drill.

We used wood such as birch, cherry, hazel and ash. The children used a bowsaw to cut the size of wood they wanted and then drilled a hole using a hand-drill. They then decorated the wood with all the wild things they have been getting up to.  It was a great activity and overall a great event to involve the community with nature and their surroundings.

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It’s great to know that although I am volunteering here, I am being looked after as a full time member of staff!

Nav Bansal, Marketing & Social Media Volunteer



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