30 Days Wild is over… Now it’s time to #StayWild

As 30 Days Wild comes to a close I’m taking a look back at all the Random Acts of Wildness I’ve committed. I’ve done everything from making a hedgehog inspired cake, to creating mud trolls and my favourite was spotting a grass snake! I spotted the snake as I was leaving work, I emergency stopped the car and ran out to take a picture and I don’t think I’ve shut up about it since. I would say I’m already a pretty wild person, working outdoors with children every week day and helping them to bring a little bit of nature into their lives. But I quite often get home and just want to sit on the sofa with a cup of tea, 30 Days Wild has encouraged me to get out there and look for the wildness close to home too.

I don’t live in countryside, I live on the edge of the biggest town in Warwickshire and even though where I live it’s quite suburban, I discovered there is wildness to be found as well. I spied goldfinches in the flower bed, lots of bumblebees visiting the bush by my front door and even a buzzard or two circling in the sky. I didn’t just stick by my house, I went for a few wild walks too. I’m new to the area so I wandered on the public footpaths and on one walk I spotted a water vole, only five minutes away from my house.

I’ve discovered over the past month that I don’t have to just stay wild a work; I should try to stay wild at home too. Pushing myself to do a different Random Act of Wildness each day has left me feeling inspired and excited. Getting outdoors at home has helped me to explore little green pockets of wildlife near my house I might not have gone to, well not anytime soon anyway. Just enjoying the outdoors has helped me relax and just let my brain switch off from all the jobs I have to do or projects I want to start.

Even though June is coming to a close I’m still going to try to Stay Wild even when I’m away from work. 30 Days Wild has helped me relax but also feel that excitement of discovering all the wildlife that isn’t just in nature reserves, it’s right on my doorstep too.

Katie, Education Officer



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