#30DaysWild coming to an end!

The biggest challenge during my time with Warwickshire Wildlife Trust will be organising the photo library!

There are thousands and thousands of photographs stored in many folders that have been taken by staff and volunteers day in, day out!

Do I sort by date? Month? Location? Event? Species? Reserves? Fundraising? Projects? The list can go on and on… But watch this space! You will be hearing from me in a few months down the line (hopefully!) to inform you of how I have finally accomplished this huge task!

I have been given the job of taking pictures of staff to upload onto our website. This is great for me as not only do I learn a new skill of updating the website, I also get to put names to faces as I did not get the chance to meet everyone during the Staff Day.

Staff group photo away day Jun 2016
Photo credit © 2016 Nav Bansal


As its coming to the end of our #30DaysWild campaign, we want the public to continue with the challenge, even if it is once a week, so therefore I am promoting #StayWild on Facebook and Twitter. I’m not going to lie; this is really testing my creativity skills but I am happy to take it on!

common blue male

So for those who have not been sharing your ideas with us, visit Warwickshire Wildlife Trust’s Facebook page and share your stories with us. We would love to hear what you have been doing to get in touch with nature.

#photolibrary #newskills

Nav Bansal, Marketing & Social Media Volunteer


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