The Change in Me

How is my time at Warwickshire Wildlife Trust going, I hear you ask! Well let me tell you…

The more time I spend here, the more I can feel myself loving nature. I’ve got to admit, I have never been the type of person to feel at ease with nature; however I also took on the challenge and participated in the 30 Days Wild campaign.

Growing up, I was never afraid of playing with creepy crawlies, especially worms! I remember picking the worms up from the concrete floor and placing them onto the grass, thinking I was helping them.

As I got older I could feel myself getting out of touch with nature. The smallest fly or moth would make me jump and I would not go to sleep till I knew it was no longer in my room. A lot of the time it would have meant that my Dad or my husband would have to get rid of it one way or another! However after having worked with the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust for almost 2 months it changed my perspective. A big white moth fluttered its way into my bedroom. Again, it did make me jump however this time I asked my husband not to kill it, but instead to try and capture it gently and let it back out the window. I have to admit, it was a beautiful moth. I had never seen anything like it.


I feel that I am constantly telling people to come to the Brandon Marsh reserve. I told my sister and brother in law to bring their kids here. I told my brother and sister in law to bring their kids here, and I even told my sister in law who lives in London to bring her kids here!

This is just the beginning of my journey at Warwickshire Wildlife Trust and I am looking forward to the challenges it brings my way.


Nav Bansal, Marketing & Social Media Volunteer




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