Can Nature Nurture?

For many decades there has always been a debate about Nature vs Nurture.

Recent studies say that children get their intelligence from their mothers. Now I love my Mum to bits but it’s fair to say that my Dad is the brainy one out of the two!

Yes my parents have taught me things, however it has not all been down to them. I was taught at school. I took part in field trips. I went to France and Spain.


Not only is it important for all children to learn from their parents, but I am also a true believer that being influenced by life’s experiences and environment helps you grow more as a person. You learn things you never knew you would or could.

Growing up, I never had anything to worry about as my parents were always at hand. Whenever anything went slightly wrong, they would always fix it. Now during my first week volunteering here, we had a den building exercise and I had no idea what to do or where to start.


I almost felt like that vulnerable little girl again like I did many years ago who was looking for her parents to help her ‘fix it.’ Now my first sentence goes to show that nature teaches you how to do certain things. You can be told many times about how to build something, but only being put in that position can you actually learn how to do it.


Now I believe that Nature CAN Nurture especially when it comes to your health. Why do we all love holidays so much? Because you are out and about exploring the world. Nature has proved to help those with mental health such as bipolar and major depression. This is also reflected in a blog post by one of our volunteers How volunteering changed my life.

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust has helped this volunteer and it can help you too to learn new skills. For more information please visit What’s On.


Nav Bansal

Marketing & Social Media Volunteer


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