Autumn falls

Those who know me well know that I have always hated the cold and can sunbathe for hours on end! However the more time I spend at Warwickshire Wildlife Trust the more I can see myself adapting to the changing climate better than I have ever done. Instead of thinking ‘it’s horrible and cold’ I… Continue reading Autumn falls


The Great Brandon Bake Off!

So my Monday morning has gone from editing my video about water voles to kneading dough for pizza! It is fair to say that there is never a dull moment working at Warwickshire Wildlife Trust! There is always something eventful going on. I recently went along to the water vole training day and took some… Continue reading The Great Brandon Bake Off!

Fears, Foraging and Feasting

Face your fears this Halloween Halloween features plenty of creepy creatures and plays on our fears and phobias, but could you come to love them instead? Plenty of children jump at the chance to go bug hunting and if you join in you might start to share their fascination. Lift logs and old bark to… Continue reading Fears, Foraging and Feasting