The Great Brandon Bake Off!

So my Monday morning has gone from editing my video about water voles to kneading dough for pizza!

It is fair to say that there is never a dull moment working at Warwickshire Wildlife Trust! There is always something eventful going on.

I recently went along to the water vole training day and took some superb videography of the water voles’ surroundings. We went to three different locations, River Anker, Wolvey Community Wetland Reserve, also known as ‘the old cricket pitch’ and lastly Ashby Canal, Lime Kilns. We found traces of water voles in the last two areas.

Going along to the training was not only educational but also therapeutic being in such an environment. It was peaceful, calm and tranquil.

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Today however, I was asked to assist with some dough making for an event at the Trust.  A handful of people had come along to the event and one of the tasks was to make a stone baked pizza. What a way to spend your Monday afternoon!

It was great to see how a task like this was done for a team building exercise. Seeing the stone baked oven reminded me of my wonderful holiday in Mexico 2 years ago!

As the pizza went into the oven I could see the dough was rising and could smell the cheese melting. The smell of the pizza and the fire in the woods definitely made it feel like autumn was well and truly here. Shame I didn’t get a taste.


This just goes to show that there is always something fun packed to get involved in when volunteering or attending any of the events at Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.

For more information please visit What’s On

#WaterVoleTraining #StoneBakedPizza

Nav Bansal

Marketing & Social Media Volunteer


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