Autumn falls

Those who know me well know that I have always hated the cold and can sunbathe for hours on end!

However the more time I spend at Warwickshire Wildlife Trust the more I can see myself adapting to the changing climate better than I have ever done. Instead of thinking ‘it’s horrible and cold’ I am looking around at my surroundings a lot more and realising just how beautiful autumn actually is!

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As I have been driving back home I have found myself looking at the trees and thinking ‘that is so picturesque!’ So the other day I decided to park up to get out of my car to take a picture! A man in a van (cliché!) decided to wave at me as he drove past. Even a simple gesture like this made me feel like there was so much warmth around me.

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When I think of autumn I think of warm colours; browns, deep reds, burnt oranges and soft yellows. It is these earthy colours which make me feel that autumn is not in fact cold but it gives you a sense of a warm feeling. The main feature of autumn is the shedding of leaves from deciduous trees. It is a pretty sight. It makes me want to go out on the reserve for a walk and soak in the atmosphere. There is nothing better than going for an afternoon walk in such an environment.

There are many associations with autumn such as harvest, Halloween, chestnuts, pumpkins and so on.  For many it can also be seen as starting something new in the fall, for example, first day at school, and first job after graduating. It also marks the beginning months of darkness, grey skies and rainy days, however so far we have been lucky not to get any rainy days and are able to enjoy what autumn is really about…the falling of leaves.



Nav Bansal

Marketing & Social Media Volunteer


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