A golden vision on a Solihull morning


Most people would shudder at the thought of a wintry walk on a cold December morning but actually, if you can gather up enough motivation, woolly mittens and cosy jumpers I promise you it will be well worth the effort. Walking through Brueton Park in Solihull, on my way to work, the park is pretty empty at 8.30am; even the dog walkers have thought better of it. But as I’m grumbling at the cold, and the fact I had to scrape the ice from my car earlier this morning and now can’t quite feel my fingers, I notice the most gorgeous, golden tree. The air is white with frost, the grass is a crisp hue of green and the sun perfectly captures the golden, falling leaves of the Oak tree and the crystal clear reflection of the pond, fed from The River Blythe. I’m drawn to this marvellous vision and stop to admire all of the colours.


As Education Officer at The Parkridge Centre in Solihull I love to use the seasons as inspiration for my Nature Tot sessions. We were spoilt last autumn with perfect leaves for wax rubbings, stencil painting and giant colour collages in the woods, but I always struggle to find inspiration in winter. This morning I have decided to find the beauty in winter – to begin to embrace the season myself and encourage Solihull families to do the same. So this week, my Nature Tots session will include a crunchy run across the frosty field, a giant hug around the gorgeous golden Oak Tree and feeding a mixture of seed and veg to the winter birds that have taken residence on the pond. So don’t hibernate this winter but join us on one of our Nature Reserves near you. You can visit us locally at The Parkridge Centre, Clowes Wood, Elmdon Manor, Shadowbrook Meadows, Brooke Meadow, Cuttle Pool, Temple Balsall and Earlswood Moathouse.

Jessie Longstaff
Education Officer, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust

#staywild #frostymornings #naturalworld #winter


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