Wild art at Brandon-by-the-Sea!

Just a short toddle from Warwickshire Wildlife Trust’s visitor centre at Brandon Marsh, is a small woodland clearing used for Nature Tots which will soon become an art gallery. Sticks and leaves are collected to make pictures, mud trolls are stuck to trees, there’s bark rubbing to be done and even some mud painting. The… Continue reading Wild art at Brandon-by-the-Sea!



On the 20th of June, in a secluded Warwickshire wood, something special was happening... If you were to go back to 300 years ago, you probably would have been able to go out into one of our many woodland areas and find the hazel dormouse, sadly though, this is no longer the case. With their… Continue reading #DormouseDay

Random Acts of Wildness

We are just over halfway through #30DaysWild now, with the photos and tweets streaming in from day 16! We LOVE seeing what you are getting up to and the Random Acts of Wildness you are completing! We want people to make a real connection with nature and our wonderful British wildlife and from the looks of it everyone is… Continue reading Random Acts of Wildness

#30DaysWild has begun!

It's that time of year again - 30 Days Wild is here! Every June we ask you to make room for nature and commit to carrying out 'Random Acts of Wildness'. It doesn't matter where you live, whether it be on the coast, in the middle of the countryside, or even in an urban jungle;… Continue reading #30DaysWild has begun!

Call of the Wild!

I’m standing in the car park at Brandon Marsh, telling parents that their teenagers will be with them shortly after taking part in our Call of the Wild photoshoot. The truth is that they are reluctant to leave the campfire where the session has concluded because they’ve had such a good time playing survival games… Continue reading Call of the Wild!

Spring time! Blossom, bunnies and Easter eggs galore

Spring is here! The hedgerows are bursting with vivid lime-green leaves. Pretty white flowers are already cascading from the branches of blackthorn and soon you’ll spot hawthorn blooming too.  Though known as the May tree, the heavy scent of hawthorn flowers may be in the air by the end of April. It’s the trimethylamine found… Continue reading Spring time! Blossom, bunnies and Easter eggs galore

Wild about Learning!

When Warwickshire Wildlife Trust turns up at a school to run a nature club, the children can barely get their wellies on quick enough! Thanks to a £66,000 grant from players of People’s Postcode Lottery, the Trust’s education team has been busy running weekly sessions across nine primary schools, where creative fun and games have… Continue reading Wild about Learning!

Fall in love with wildlife this Valentine’s Day

Find your perfect partner in nature! Capture the moment when you spot a deer for the first time, experience woodland flowers emerging, attract new birds to your garden or find a special view to savour. Show off your new love – take a #WinterSelfie to share your passions. What to spot in February?  Frosty February… Continue reading Fall in love with wildlife this Valentine’s Day

A golden vision on a Solihull morning

Most people would shudder at the thought of a wintry walk on a cold December morning but actually, if you can gather up enough motivation, woolly mittens and cosy jumpers I promise you it will be well worth the effort. Walking through Brueton Park in Solihull, on my way to work, the park is pretty… Continue reading A golden vision on a Solihull morning

Where’s the wildlife this winter?  

While we humans are snuggled inside with mulled wine and glittery episodes of Strictly on the telly, UK wildlife is still making its home out in the wild. In the bleak midwinter Many mammals have headed into hibernation, migrating birds departed and amphibians buried themselves safely away from winter freezes. Even insects and butterflies may… Continue reading Where’s the wildlife this winter?